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Evolution of Content Marketing

What do the 19th century teach us about content marketing ?

What anonymous sources cost journalism

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would like all anonymous sources to be treated with skepticism.

TV invades new spaces

With the rise of mobile devices, the tv reinvents itself, and take new spaces over…

Facebook entend valoriser le journalisme de proximité

En février, dans une longue lettre sur l’avenir, Mark Zuckerberg souhaitait que les internautes s’impliquent davantage sur le réseau social. C’est désormais chose faite puisque  Faccebook vient de lancer

How to protect your content?

Companies are spending more and more time and money creating unique and original content. But anyone who owns a smartphone can copy its content and reuse it anywhere.

5 essential content strategies in 2017

Not all content policies are equivalent. 300 American marketers have revealed which ones are the most effective and the most used. Here are the 5 unmissable content strategies in 2017

Member of the month | October 13

Thomas Zeller
Bern, Switzerland

Since 2009, Swiss-based freelancer Thomas Zeller has been working as a translator and proofreader for various clients around the world. He has a Master

Member of the month | September 13

Sarah Zeines
Geneva, Switzerland
Sarah was born in New York into a Brazilian-American family before moving to Switzerland more than 15 years ago. Journalist from a very young age,

Member of the month | August 13

Svenja Huckle
Hamburg, Germany
Svenja is a freelance conference interpreter and translator working with German, English, French and Spanish. She graduated from the Saarland University in 2012. Her focus

Member of the month | July 13

Judith Monfrini
Geneva, Switzerland
Judith is a freelance journalist. She has been working for various radio stations in Geneva area since 2006. She also caries out news reports about local

Member of the month | June 13

Pascale Valy
Miami, United States
On leaving France in May 2009 to move to Miami in Florida, Pascale Valy radically changed her life. It represented a real challenge

Member of the month | May 13

Daniel Ichbiah
Paris, France
Daniel Ichbiah is the author of several bestsellers about video games, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Madonna. He is also behind a music notation reading sold

ATCNA Summer Party!

Que le temps passe vite… Notre dernière ATCNA party date déjà du mois de décembre!
Depuis, les avancées de notre agence de presse ont été nombreuses: nouveaux clients, nouveaux mandats,

Our last articles in Italian

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides around 12 articles weekly in Italian for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.
Ciao A

ATCNA at its keyboard for Bluewin

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides between 15 and 20 articles weekly in French for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.

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