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ATCNA at its keyboard for Bluewin

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides between 15 and 20 articles weekly in French for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.

Last week, Jadd Hilal wrote here a report at the era of the International Oriental Film Festival which took place in Geneva.

Som Sasso, her, spoke in this article about the retro style which make its big come back in women underwear. This trend is influenced by successful TV series.

As well, Daniel Ichbach reveals us some gadgets simplifying the driving of our modern cars. Discover them here!

Les bienfaits du thé vert -

In this screenshot, we see Eloïse Brière’s article concerning benefits of green tea:

Our others publications are the followings:,802471/fr/style/,802488/fr/style/,802756/fr/style/,803285/fr/multimedia/,803593/fr/style/,804058/fr/style/,804099/fr/multimedia/,804108/fr/voyages/

A big thanks to our content producers for their quality work!

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