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Blue sky for Bluewin!

Today is the first day of summer and the sun shines over our collaboration with Bluewin!

To begin the season, Alexandra Douros illustrates one of her articles with the new phenomene of #hashtags.

Also, you may have heard about Rocksmith, a super cool way to learn guitar. If not, you can count on Yannick Chavanne  to know everything about it!

Aurélie Chamerois takes care of your children worked… If it was to hard for him to study, why not try tutoring?  She gives the benefits of it for your beloved ones to be ready for next return to school!

Don’t hesitate to read their other articles and those wrote by Olivier Durin and Daniel Ichbiah about the Wii U, Aquatis, the giants and the seniors on the web, snakes and jewelry, Superman, science fiction or the beauty of French-speaking Switzerland.

Giuliana Paciolla, her, gives a bit of taste to her writing by dusting it with banana and also telling THE trick to stop smoking. Astuzie all’italiana!

Bluewin and ATCNA, just what you need for your summer readings! Enjoy…


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