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Our last articles for Bluewin

ATCNA continues to successfully collaborate with Buewin.

As summer is coming, this week, Olivier Durin, one of our Content Producers, has focused his attention on backpack travels (see image below).

Bluewin 01

Yannick Chavanne, him, has presented us new movie Star Trek Into Darkness that just came up in theatres.

Our other French speaking content producers, Amandine Sasso, Judith Monfrini, Daniel Ichbiah, Tatiana Tissot and Alexandra Douros have produced articles about lifestyle, multimedia and health.

Herebelow are contents they have provided in French:,830093/fr/style/,830065/fr/news/suisse/,832362/fr/style/,830121/fr/multimedia/,832915/fr/style/,833222/fr/style/,833966/fr/style/,833983/fr/style/,833791/fr/style/,833956/fr/style/

As far as our Italian journalists are concerned, Guiliana Paciolla and Maria Cristina Veri, have focused on the digital field, lifestyle, travel and news (see picture below).

Bluewin 02

For instance, you can read an overview of an article concerning unemployement in Ticino.

Tired of being alone!? Discover how to say goodbye to single life!

If you want to discover more recent productions for the Italian version of Bluewin site just click the following links:,831701/it/digitale/TLC/,831740/it/style/,832530/it/digitale/TLC/,833202/it/viaggiare/

Thanks to all of you for your always better performances!

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