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No Billag – Non à No Billag

The fee from Billag* is used to finance public radio and television; allowing for a rich flow of programmes and information throughout Switzerland in the four official languages.

What anonymous sources cost journalism

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would like all anonymous sources to be treated with skepticism.

Wilfried, un nouveau magazine orienté Slow Journalism

Wilfried, le nouveau magazine belge dédié aux affaires publiques et à la politique, s’inscrit dans la tendance du “slow journalism”, privilégiant les longs reportages et les enquêtes en profondeur.

Tip: 9 ways to conclude your stories in style

Whether you are a professional writer or are just starting out, concluding an interesting story can be tough – you need to consider the expectations of your audience,

Why content is so important ?

Digital advertising is disappearing because of ad blockers  in particular. So, marketers have to find new ways to reach their consumers, and content seems to be the best

TV invades new spaces

With the rise of mobile devices, the tv reinvents itself, and take new spaces over…

Facebook entend valoriser le journalisme de proximité

En février, dans une longue lettre sur l’avenir, Mark Zuckerberg souhaitait que les internautes s’impliquent davantage sur le réseau social. C’est désormais chose faite puisque  Faccebook vient de lancer

How to protect your content?

Companies are spending more and more time and money creating unique and original content. But anyone who owns a smartphone can copy its content and reuse it anywhere.

Free and easy to use transcription tools

Transcription is generally often seen as  laborious. However, these transcription tools for journalists could simplify your work.

Mexico: new measures to protect journalists

Javier Valdez is the sixth journalist to be killed in Mexico this year and one of more than 100 journalists who have been murdered since 2000. President Enrique Peña Nieto announced a

5 essential content strategies in 2017

Not all content policies are equivalent. 300 American marketers have revealed which ones are the most effective and the most used. Here are the 5 unmissable content strategies in 2017

Journaux versus TV

Les grands journaux américains empiètent de plus en plus sur le travail des chaînes d’informations en continu. En effet, le Washington Post ou encore USA Today, retransmettent en streaming

IndieGoGo: du crowdfunding à portée de clic

Le journalisme étant en perpétuelle redéfinition, notamment sur le plan économique, le crowdfunding apparaît comme une nouvelle solution à ne pas négliger.
Des journalistes ont d’ores et déjà expérimenté ce

Ken Auletta speaks about the digital revolution

If there is anyone who has a clue about what’s happening today with journalism and the media industry, that person is Ken Auletta.

In addition to covering media for

Real-Time Data: good or bad for the news business?

Newspapers and magazines used to publish content into a kind of void: they knew how many people subscribed, but that was about it — everything else was guesswork based on

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