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No Billag – Non à No Billag


The fee from Billag* is used to finance public radio and television; allowing for a rich flow of programmes and information throughout Switzerland in the four official languages.

Over the past six months, a “No Billag” initiative was launched and in parallel, a counter campaign of “Non a No Billag” went into effect. The Federal vote for the referendum took place on the 4th of March, which resulted in a majority rejection vote of  71.6%. Despite this victory, the SSR** announced that several measures will need to be implemented over a five year period and will commence as early as 2019. The five-year plan will include job cuts and review of overall spending and investment.

Clement Charles was invited by Romain Clivaz to comment the results of the vote, share his opinion on the measures taken by SSR SRG and provide a vision for the future of media in Switzerland. After a full 12 minutes interviews, Clement Charles also commented the press review of the vote results and answered the journalist’s question throughout the morning show.

Total presence on air was nearly 30 minutes and content was aired on RTS LA 1ère, French-speaking Switzerland leading radio, and as well as filmed and broadcasted live on the RTS1, the major TV channel of the region.


*A private company that collects a licence fee from Swiss residents. The fee is then split between public services and private broadcasters, it is the highest paid fee in Europe.
** The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SSR SRG)

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