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Digital marketing prediction for 2019

Digital marketing had encountered several innovative changes in 2018, it is predicted for this year we will see higher demand for the following:
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What are the driving trends in the food industry?

Forbes recently released an article on what’s trending in the food industry. The common trend is consumers demands for a “healthier and more sustainable food future.” According to Forbes,

VR/AR Reality trends and changes

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) have impacted every part of today’s technology. With new innovation, development and changes, it seems that this technology will be applied to more than

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Microsoft has released its HoloLens 2, which allows users to easily touch and interact “with graphics superimposed over their real-world views.” Improvements to the Hololens includes filling more of

The DooH booming market

2018 has been a successful year for the Digital out of home (DooH) market. With more advertisers using LED screens in their indoor and outdoor campaigns. It is evident

What does 2019 hold for AI.

Forbes have recently released a 2019 prediction on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what should the industry expect for this upcoming year. Based on several surveys, the article highlights the

What’s trending in 2019

Happy New Year! We at AllTheContent extend our best wishes for 2019.
With the beginning of a new year, it is implicit that new trends and opportunities will arise.

DragonFly: intelligent advertising

Perceptin, just launched a new intelligent vehicle that uses smart technology to interact and collect data from customers. DragonFly uses “digital signage to push video content on the viewers.”

Smart cars can save you the big bucks

Researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology has recently released a study on the energy impact of smart cars. The study concluded that smart car technology will save an average

London is the new hub

AI is one of the hottest trends. With a flock of news reporting and updates on recent development and investors agglomerate funding into research, it is not surprising that London has

Kickstarters for journalism

The Nieman Foundation has recently reviewed journalism kickstarters and concluded that 2018 has been a year of evolution. While it is still lagging behind in comparison with other projects,

Top Consumer Tech Trends

Forbes has recently published a list of the 10 top tech trends and what peaks consumers’ interests. The final lists consist of the following trends:

Security software

The food industry and what customers want

4 ways the food industry is changing and how to cater to the new generation of shoppers.

“How can we make smart software aligned with human values?”

Artificial intelligence research and technology are on the rise and profit is to be made. However, many people are asking themselves about the ethics behind AI and can smart software

Forbes joins a blockchain-based platform

Forbes has recently announced their partnership with a blockchain-based platform. The platform will enable journalists to upload their data to the network while posting to the Forbes website simultaneously.

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