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Member of the month | May 2015

Member of the month, Juliette Soulez

A zillion topics for Bluewin

Aristocracy, ecology, art or astronomy… This week again, ATCNA’s pool of writers tackled a zillion topics for bluewin, the famous Swiss portal. Discover our top 5:
– In this new

A new dawn for the press?

By aiming the consumers at the heart of their needs, the sale of items per-unit is a true revolution in the media world, meeting of course the consumers’ expectations, though still threatening the already ailing printed press sector.

Exodus: ATCNA goes behind-the-scenes

© 20th Century Fox
Despite the controversy, Ridley Scott’s last blockbuster, “Exodus, Gods and Kings” smashed the box office during this holiday season. The success is partly due to

James Bond and ATCNA

Do you want to know all the secrets of the next James Bond film? Check out this new video produced by Yahoo and localized in four languages (Italian, German, Spanish and

When posters act as ice breakers

As soon as a billboard engages in a dialog with a client, the process can only be beneficial, as it measures message effectiveness, in addition to increasing direct or indirect revenue.

Augmented Reality Shopping

Shifting from digital to physical, the British clothing chain TopShop has been proposing an original kind of fitting workshop in its Moscow boutiques: clients no longer need to step into a dressing room and get undressed!

A crucial return to fact-checking

All the while generating added value, rehabilitating fact-checking is in my opinion also essential to build trust between journalists and their readership, and between media and their audience.

There is no such thing as price-quality ratio

One of the most fundamental rules of economy is purely theoretical, and that actually, there is no such thing as a price-quality ratio.

Hyperchondria, the Media Disorder

I don’t think the media are terminally ill, nor that they have lost their raison d’être. Quite the contrary, I believe in the importance of free information as a custodian of fair, unbiased democracy. While it is an essential function, the body which carries it out is not.

ATCNA and the TV stars

Since last summer, ATCNA has been in charge of a new weekly column for bluewin, one of the most popular news websites in Switzerland. Each week, we interview a

ATCNA interviews a great astronaut!

Last Friday, two ATCNA members could spend a whole day on the Payerne military airbase, in Switzerland, to interview a memorable figure. This outstanding character is Marie-Françoise Le Cornec, a.k.a

Welcome to a Journalism of Things

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
The joke is one all political enthusiasts have heard. “How tall is President Sarkozy? A meter forty-seven according to trade unions,

Clement Charles talks about hyperlocal journalism

Tamedia – one of Switzerland’s largest media groups – recently announced its intention to sell three local newspapers. Does this mean hyperlocal journalism is doomed?
Following this announcement, Clement Charles,

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel – 24 hours chrono!

Last week, Yahoo interviewed Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel about their latest movie, “Sex Tape”. AllTheContent News Agency carried out the featurette’s localization in Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

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