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And vertical communities became key targets

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
Following the breakdown of social, religious and family structures over the course of the twentieth century, individualisation is speeding up. The

The invoicing tool is launched!

And here we go! Our “invoicing tool” was officially launched on September 1st. This functionality will make all our members’ paperwork a lot easier:
• A lot of the

What kind of media do the new generations choose?

There is a big difference in the handling and consumption of media between the new generations and the older ones.
It is important to keep this difference in mind when

Scrollytelling, a new way to show a story

During the last year or so, there has been something growing on the internet. Scrollytelling, for those who don’t know what it is, it’s simple.
Scrollytelling is the mix of

Ninja Turtles’ visual effects

Last week-end, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” smashed the American box-office thanks to its stunning 3D effects.
In this behind-the scenes-featurette, the film’s technical crew explains all the movie’s visual effects secrets.

Preparing for the battle with Hercules!

AllTheContent News Agency carried out a new video localization last week. The clip is a behind-the-scenes featurette for the upcoming blockbuster “Hercules” starring Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock.
ATCNA localized

Yahoo! talks about its partnership with ATCNA

Yahoo recently entrusted ATCNA to produce a whole series of 90 short articles about the World Cup’s history. The contents were part of a big advertising campaign prior to the

Five tips to use SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting a website visibility, or, to be straight and clear, the process of making modifications to your website so it gets a better

Clément Charles at the ITU World Telecom conferences in Bangkok

We are pleased to announce the presence of our CEO; Founder, Mr Clement Charles, at the ITU World Telecom conferences in Bangkok.
Clement Charles will be speaking in two majors behind the scene…

Le n°29 de sera disponible le 22 octobre prochain.
Nous dévoilons ici un petit aperçu du backstage!
AllTheContent News Agency a pu une fois encore mener à bien ce

Happy 300th story Bluewin!

En ce début octobre, ATCNA fête sa 300ème story conçue pour Bluewin.
Let’s celebrate!
Voici les sujets abordés cette semaine en français et en italien:

“Blue Jasmine”: le dernier

Journalisme: la révolution a commencé. Rejoignez-la !!


Ici Clément Charles, fondateur de l’agence basée à Genève, Suisse et active mondialement. Je suis très heureux de vous informer de nos dernières innovations

Dans les coulisses du shooting…

En attendant le prochain numéro de à paraître le 22 août, voici un petit teaser composé de quelques photos du shooting réalisé par AllTheContent News Agency (stylisme: Marie Bel,

Bienvenue au journalisme des objets!

Clément Charles, directeur général et fondateur d’ATC News Agency, donne sa vision de l’utilisation d’Internet et créer le concept du journalisme des objets pour la revue cominmag, le magazine de

Yahoo!: ATCNA saute de joie

Not only ATCNA furnishes all the content, but our press agency also commits to insure all the production steps. One of our latest projects for Yahoo! illustrates that. Indeed, we have

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