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No translator is an island

Freelance translators are used to starting up their business and running it all on their own, and are usually doing a good job with it too. But once you reach

Using Facebook Subscribe as a journalist

Facebook Subscribe is “a pretty revolutionary feature for journalists” according to Liz Heron, social media editor of the New York Times. Launched less than six months ago, Subscribe seemingly took

Nine ways scientists can help improve science journalism

Genuine advances in the quality of science news will require both journalists and scientists to get their houses in order.

The Pitfalls of Freelancing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Let’s get one thing straight: Freelancing is not easy. While it offers fantastic benefits — flexible hours, more control and creative independence — there are still plenty of risks involved

How Startups Can Build Lasting Relationships With Journalists

It’s a week before launch and you’re hoping to score some awesome traffic from a well-known publication. Here is what usually happens: You send a PR release to a bunch

How to report on death responsibly in a digital age

A wealth of guidance is available for journalists on reporting death responsibly, from industry bodies as well as charities and other groups that work with the bereaved. And the development

The challenge of the perception

That hit the spot! I found these pictures posted on “Translators do it better”on Facebook.

Do you agree? Don’t you feel like this sometimes? Let me know…

Press Pass, to search for journalists on Twitter

Tool of the week: Press Pass
What is it? A new tool to allow you to search for journalists on Twitter
How is it of use to journalists? Press Pass

What the media can learn from Facebook

Facebook, Google and Twitter aren’t in the content business – they’re in the relationship business. We need to do the same, says  Jeff Jarvis
Jeff Jarvis is a journalist, media

Ten free collaboration tools for journalists

Two heads are often better than one when it comes to working creatively. Here are ten tools and apps that help journalists to collaborate with others.

1. Stroome

Banjo, for finding the location of breaking news

What is it? A location-based social networking app. The app shows you a map of where Facebook and Twitter users are located.
How is it of use to journalists?

Five tools journalists can use to protect their privacy

Journalists rely more than ever on digital communications, but they often don’t think enough about cybersecurity.
Although it’s impossible to guarantee your security online, here are five tips

Become eco-friendly with newspapers

Sony has unveiled a paper-powered battery prototype in Japan.
The technology generates electricity by turning shredded paper into sugar which in turn is used as fuel. If brought to market,

Can Pinterest Help Your Freelancing Business?

If you’re active in social media, you may have recently heard of Pinterest, a new social media site that is gaining popularity. In fact, it seems like everyone is

How to Find and Land Freelance Work

For many years before I started blogging and editing full-time, I made my living as a freelance writer. One of the biggest pain points for me during that part