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try SocialBro for real-time Twitter analytics

SocialBro has rolled out a new feature which could be useful for journalists and social media managers.
“Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see which of your Twitter

Citizen Journalism: transforming or undermining traditional media?

Citizen journalism hinges on the notion that the everyday person is a potential reporter in an ever-shifting media terrain. Active audiences within the public sphere are engaging with interactive media

Key Google Tools for Journalists Covering Politics

Google launched its new service in the United States: Google Politics & Elections. A tool which offers the possibility of following the evolution of the American elections.
Any announcement concerning the

Five augmented reality apps for reporters abroad

With the latest generation of augmented reality apps, you can use your smartphone camera to get more information and translations of text on objects, including signs and menus, on the

What happens when journalism is everywhere?

“When the Arab Spring demonstrations were under way in Egypt’s Tahrir Square and reports were streaming out through Twitter and Facebook and text messages and cellphone videos, it was easy

Year in Review: 6 Trends in Journalism Education

Happy new year!
Now it’s time to look ahead again. But first, it’s worth a look at the some of the most intriguing developments in journalism education in the last

Think Different in 2012

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. All the ATCNA team wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

Top five multimedia tools for journalists of 2011

The following article has been originally posted by Margaret Looney on International Journalists’ Network.
Tech tools of the digital era abound this year, including plenty that can make a journalist’s

Ten things every journalist should know in 2012

Here are 10 things every journalists should know in 2012, a list proposed by

Learn from Leveson.

Curate and share.

Invite others in.

Know your

Why Don’t Young People Read the News?

“With each passing year, young people grow less interested in the news, regardless of how it’s delivered. Why don’t young people follow the news more closely? To hear some

7 Language Translation Apps for the Digital Traveler

Language apps on the iPhone have come a long way over the past year. Some offer shiny new takes on the traditional language study process; others are trying to do

90 people to follow

The Inforrm (International Forum for Responsible Media) Blog has post a list of “useful media law tweeters” who can be followed by everyone interested in legal topic concerning journalism.

How People Learn About Their Local Community

Here is an analysis offered by pretty interesting about how people learn about their local community.
“Contrary to much of the conventional understanding of how people learn about their

In Your Hands, Just What You Want to Read

“Personalized-reading apps save you from pawing through the Web for news and bring you more of what you want to read. Until now, these have been mostly found on tablets

Online communities need leadership

“Here’s some basic advice that you can copy and paste to encourage insightful, engaging and rewarding writing from readers of your site:
Write what you knowDon’t tell us if something’s