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Wikitribune, le «Wikipédia de l’actualité»

Jimmy Wales, co-fondateur de Wikipédia, lance une nouvelle plate-forme, Wikitribune, dont le but est de fédérer les journalistes professionnels, et de ne publier que des informations vérifiées.

Freedom of the press: no evolution in Latin America

Reporters Without Borders published their ranks of press freedom levels and conditions for journalism in the world.  In South America, the situation is not improving compared to previous years.

Protecting your sources: a video tutorial

The Centre for Investigative Journalism have launched a new video series to help journalists better understand information security risks.

China: Media censorship is increasingly elaborated

Speaking at the International Journalism Festival, Fang Wang, senior duty editor at, explained how censorship became increasingly sophisticated and impossible to get round, in China.

The Daily Mail banned from Wikipedia because of its unreliability

The Wikipedia Editors will no longer accept links from The Daily Mail to prove their sources.  The British daily tabloid newspaper’s reputation is considered sensationalist, of lower quality and unreliable.

Presse et candidats à la présidentielle: des relations tendues?

Durant la campagne présidentielle française 2017, la presse a souvent été remise en cause, parfois violemment, par les candidats et les électeurs. Ces entraves régulières au journalisme sont-elles propres

El Diario encourages readers to pay for its journalism

The Spanish news outlet, El Diaro, is developping a platform that allows readers to provide financial support for particular stories or areas of coverage.

Will the content hubs defeat the traditional media?

New content hubs, such as Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter, are poised to take over traditional media in the United States. This trend is also true in Europe, as

A «new golden age» of radio?

Radio use, in the UK, is now at record levels, with 48 million adults listening to more than 1 hours each week, according to Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar).

Emerging trends in B2B content strategy

A recent survey reveals new developments in the B2B buying process, especially the needs of the modern buyers. Here are 7 trends that will help you boost your B2B Content

Le journalisme de solutions, un espoir pour la presse?

A l’heure où les médias font face à une crise de confiance de la part de leurs auditorats, le journalisme de solutions, ou positif, semble être la solution

4 recommendations for a better site engagement

Here are four tips for creating an effective content strategy that will ensure the success of your website.

eBay founder $100 million gives to fight hate speech

The Omidyar Network – created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar – will give $100 million to boost investigative journalism, fight misinformation and hate speech.  The first $4.5 million go

Lexis Audio Editor, an app for journalists

Lexis Audio Editor is a free app for recording, editing and sharing audio files in a variety of formats. This app enables journalists to do a lot of tasks,

Assises du journalisme: 6 nouveaux médias analysés

Explicite, Mediacités, Dismoitou, Cfactuel, les Jours, The Conversation sont six nouveaux médias, considérés comme le nec plus ultra parmi les jeunes médias Internet. Lors des Assises du journalisme,