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The rise of the horizontal stories

Since Snap adopted it, the “Tap to advance” has been increasingly popularized with the news industry.  And more and more news apps are using the Tap to Advance to swipe from

«Dabs», short videos for those who skim through texts

Designed to reach social audiences who skim through news, «Dabs» combine video, text and graphics to grab people’s attention as they scroll through their Facebook feeds. Created by The Guardian,

Piqd, a German news curation platform based on quality

Two years after the launch of its news curation platform, German start-up Piqd is expanding its presence with English-language edition. Unlike automated solutions, Piqd has a team of 30

Norwegian weekly newspaper uses data journalism to build its digital presence

Since 2010, Kommunal Rapport has increased its turnover by 40 per cent as a result of transforming into a digital-first news outlet. Ole Petter Pedersen explains how they proceeded.

Is Content Still King?

Since Bill Gates wrote a post titled «Content is King» in 1996, content has been considered essential. But is it still true? tries to answer…

Instagram launched a new feature, called Galleries

Last week, Instagram launched a new feature, Galleries, that allows its users to share up to 10 pictures and videos within a single post. Galleries open up a range of opportunities

12 femmes journalistes qui ont marqué leur profession

A l’occasion de la Journée internationale des droits des femmes, voici 12 portraits de femmes journalistes qui ont fait bouger le monde des médias, selon le magazine Vanity Fair.

How to create viral content?

Emerson Spartz, the founder of digital media Dose, has dedicated his career to understanding virality, and he is considered an authority in this field. He revealed some of his

CrossCheck, pour lutter contre les rumeurs sur le Net

Trente-sept médias, soutenus par Google et le réseau international First Draft, ont lancé cette semaine la plate-forme collaborative CrossCheck. Cette dernière a pour objectif de rétablir la vérité

45 key moments in the history of online journalism

Since 1991, online journalism has faced many changes, but what facts have really changed its practice?  Here are 45 key moments, according to blog Online Journalism.

Why are anonymous sources so important to journalists?

The use of anonymous is ingrained in the journalism and will continue to be used in the future, despite their being called into question by some prominent politicians. An article in

FotoForensics: how to check if a photo has been digitally altered

Verifying information from social media is becoming a key skill for journalists today. FotoForensics can help along the way by providing analysis of the digital image that could help you

What Facebook Owes to Journalism

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto about community, released last week on Facebook, wisely analyzed the state of journalism: he decried sensationalism, and declared that “a strong news industry

Snapchat, a way to reach new audiences for journalists?

With 10 billion videos seen every day, journalists and news organizations are increasingly interested in the social network Snapchat. Indeed, the network allows them to reach new audiences that were

Quel avenir pour la presse papier à l’heure du numérique?

@Andrey Popov/Fotolia

Les journaux imprimés sont-ils réellement menacés par le numérique? C’est à cette question que la journaliste Lauren Malka a tenté de répondre dans son livre Les journalistes se slashent pour mourir.