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What Facebook Owes to Journalism

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto about community, released last week on Facebook, wisely analyzed the state of journalism: he decried sensationalism, and declared that “a strong news industry

Snapchat, a way to reach new audiences for journalists?

With 10 billion videos seen every day, journalists and news organizations are increasingly interested in the social network Snapchat. Indeed, the network allows them to reach new audiences that were

Quel avenir pour la presse papier à l’heure du numérique?

@Andrey Popov/Fotolia

Les journaux imprimés sont-ils réellement menacés par le numérique? C’est à cette question que la journaliste Lauren Malka a tenté de répondre dans son livre Les journalistes se slashent pour mourir.

Resources for becoming a better mobile journalist

There are a lot of resources on the internet about mobile journalism. Here are some profiles to follow on social networks to improve our practice.

Initiative No Billag: une menace pour le modèle suisse de télévision?

C’est grâce à une augmentation de leur part de la redevance que les quatre chaînes privées romandes conservent leur position. Cependant, l’initiative No Billag, qui vise à supprimer

Marketplace de Facebook: tout ce qu’il faut savoir!

Les utilisateurs anglo-saxons de Facebook ont eu la surprise de découvrir ce lundi 3 octobre une nouvelle rubrique: Marketplace. Comme eBay ou le Bon Coin, la plate-forme d’e-commerce propose

How to make data stories more engaging?

The first data journalism conference, in UK on 22 november, dealed with the building of engaged audience for data stories, in particular the idea of making news more personal.

The Great Indoors: le journalisme web a désormais sa série tv!

The Great Indoors - @CBS

La nouvelle série de CBS, The Great Indoors, brosse le portrait d’une équipe de journalistes web confrontée à l’évolution de leur métier, et aux prises avec une hiérarchie très «vieille

The 5 biggest comebacks in journalism

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The trends come and go in many fields. This is also true in journalism ! Medium tries to explain the causes of 5 recent comebacks among the most important,


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‘Aboriginal people represent just 4.3 per cent of Canadians, according to Statistics Canada, and Aboriginal women comprise a similar percentage of Canadian women.

WhatsApp and Snapchat, the media’s latest El Dorado?

For a year now, major media channels such as the BBC and the New York Times have been publishing news on instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp and Snapchat.

‘News’ from Apple: a gift for media partners?

Apple launched its new ‘News’ app during the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This content aggregator will be available as a mobile app when iOS 9 is launched next autumn, replacing its current ‘Newsstand’.

Meerkat and Periscope: what do they mean for entertainment and politics and what does the future hold?

After the release of Merrkat, Twitter immediately hit back by launching Periscope, its own video livestreaming app. Two apps and a lot of sector of activities: news, politic, sport and entertainment.

Yik Yak, the journalist’s new friend?

Yik Yak was launched in 2013 as a kind of anonymous, geo-located Twitter app and took the world by storm before more recently whipping up an equally big storm of controversy. For some people, this app frees up speech and this makes it a valuable journalistic tool – for others it is simply a gigantic digital rant room.

A great and free guide to mobile reporting

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Our last post about “mojo” or “mobile journalism” has had a lot of feedback this week and many of you wanted to know more.