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The collaboration ATCNA x “Wellness & Santé” feels at its best

ATCNA produces interviews, articles and texts for the magazine (Wellness & Health). As well and because of our talented translators, we provide this contents for the French and German versions.

ATCNA accouche d’une nouvelle édition de

ATCNA is proud to introduce one of its last contents. It consists in a magazine for young parents released in Switzerland both in French and German ( ATCNA takes care

Our last articles in Italian

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides around 12 articles weekly in Italian for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.
Ciao A

IndieGoGo: du crowdfunding à portée de clic

Le journalisme étant en perpétuelle redéfinition, notamment sur le plan économique, le crowdfunding apparaît comme une nouvelle solution à ne pas négliger.
Des journalistes ont d’ores et déjà expérimenté ce

Le “Wall Street Journal” mise sur la vidéo

A l’ère du numérique et de l’information à tout va, le journalisme est bien obligé de se repenser. Ce que le “Wall Street Journal” n’a pas hésité à faire avec

Member of the month | March 13

Mary Laure Chevalley-Pellet
Cudrefin, Switzerland
When she was a girl, Mary Laure Chevalley-Pellet already wrote a lot. After having worked in hospitality business and culture, she took back her

Using Facebook Subscribe as a journalist

Facebook Subscribe is “a pretty revolutionary feature for journalists” according to Liz Heron, social media editor of the New York Times. Launched less than six months ago, Subscribe seemingly took

Write Persuasive Prose Like the Pros

When you write to prove a point, you’re writing to persuade – to change the reader’s opinion. It’s not often easy to persuade someone to change his mind or take

12 Things Newspapers Should Do to Survive

Here is an article from Mashable written in 2009 but still relevant! There are a lot of great points developped here which are worth for ATCNA, improving day after day

App tips for journalists: Real-time localisation

Real-time localisation can be a real cool tool for reporters around the world. I select below two useful apps!
Original Source

What is it and how is it of

What Facebook’s New Features Mean for Journalists

In general, new Facebook tools create opportunities for journalists to evolve their personal brands and beats.Facebook’s journalist program manager, Vadim Lavrusik, explains how the social network’s new features can

Media ethics

This video analyzes the journalistic ethics of using social networking sites as news sources, as well as the quality of news content.
It was created by students for Media Ethics

Future of Journalism

This is a video of Kansas State students from the A.Q Miller School of Journalism speaking out about the future potential of their chosen career field. And for you, what’s

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