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Happy 300th story Bluewin!

En ce début octobre, ATCNA fête sa 300ème story conçue pour Bluewin.
Let’s celebrate!
Voici les sujets abordés cette semaine en français et en italien:

“Blue Jasmine”: le dernier

Google News: l’innovation comme leitmotiv

Google est de nouveau sur le devant de la scène en ce début de semaine.
En effet, ATC vous propose de revenir sur la conférence donnée par Richard Gingras (directeur de

Bluewin: nuage d’articles (Septembre 2013)

Ci-dessous, les liens vers nos dernières rédactions en français et en italien pour Bluewin:

Eventail d’écrits conçus pour Bluewin (Septembre 2013)

Nous fournissons pour Bluewin, le portail du leader suisse des télécommunications: Swisscom; un flux d’une vingtaine d’articles de façon hebdomadaire.
Ci-dessous, les liens vers nos dernières productions rédigées en français

Sélection d’articles réalisés pour Bluewin (Septembre 2013)

Si l’amour brûle parfois les ailes, la magnifique histoire de “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” conte un amour tragiquement consumé. Beaucoup associée à la magie;  l’hypnose vient bien souvent au secours nouvelle mouture pour les vacances! issue 27 is now available! Thanks to the new section about apps (Tip Top Applis) you will discover the one that you need to download! Also, congratulations to our

Blue sky for Bluewin!

Today is the first day of summer and the sun shines over our collaboration with Bluewin!
To begin the season, Alexandra Douros illustrates one of her articles with the new

Our last articles for Bluewin

ATCNA continues to successfully collaborate with Buewin.
As summer is coming, this week, Olivier Durin, one of our Content Producers, has focused his attention on backpack travels (see image below).

ATCNA continue d’assurer le bien-être de “Wellness&Santé”! – ATCNA insures “Wellness&Santé” health!

Here are exemples of our writings in French and German of N°49 – May 2013 of the magazine “Wellness & Health”. A big thanks to our translators for their good

ATCNA / Bluewin: 100 articles au compteur – 100 articles already!

It’s in less than two months that we reached a hundred fresh stories written for Bluewin. By we, we mean all the journalists, writers and proofreaders, who make of ATCNA

The collaboration ATCNA x “Wellness & Santé” feels at its best

ATCNA produces interviews, articles and texts for the magazine (Wellness & Health). As well and because of our talented translators, we provide this contents for the French and German versions.

Our last articles in Italian

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides around 12 articles weekly in Italian for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.
Ciao A

ATCNA at its keyboard for Bluewin

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides between 15 and 20 articles weekly in French for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.

Writing About Live Events

Writing about live events like meetings, forums and speeches can be tricky for newbie reporters. Such events are often unstructured and even a bit chaotic, so it’s up to the

Deal With Criticism

This article is by Christine M. Riordan, the dean and a professor of management at the Daniels College of Business.
We rarely discuss dealing with criticism as a necessary part

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